CRYPTO ACORNS #NFTs $PAINTing the town green!

A quick update on the Crypto Acorns NFT project on Rarible:

  • The collection has zero sales yet, but some bids (thanks to whoever you are!).
  • A nice off-shot of my experimenting with minting NFTs on my Cryptosoc account and the minting of assets using the Royalty Vault account ( is that it made both accounts eligible for the $PAINT airdrop that took place earlier this week (March 2021). Each account was eligible to claim 1048576 PAINT which at the time of writing is worth ~$3000. I claimed mine and whoever unlocks the Royalty Vault by collecting all the Crypto Acorn Cards will be able to claim them also!

Feel free to share the project with friends and put the word out, cheers.

I’m gonna go now, laterz